Highlights From The Months of June & July | 2019 ed.

My ultimate dream goal for this morning was to hit the snooze button my phone and with that, steal 10 more minutes of sleep from my morning routine. Alas, my plan of sleeping did not come about as those few minutes to myself where spent staring at the date on my phone. Whether we intended it or not, both you and I made a pact to hit the ground, running and we’ve essentially lived up to this pact. We have not only survived the midyear slump, the beginning of yet another financial year (hello 19/20 financial year, please be kind to me!) and the end of June and July.

Although I had originally planned on posting this at the beginning of July and ringing in the new month with the thought of Christmas being only five months away, life seemed to take a drastic turn for the worse or better. Depending on how you as an individual read the cup, Dearest Reader. As a result, I’m going to continue with my original post and add July’s highlights and with that, let’s jump into it…


June & a bit of July were spent as a Bullet Journal free months. Something of which, for those who do know me personally, is a rarity as I am a born ‘to-do’ list writer and often spend a majority of my day, writing lists of things I need to accomplish or tasks that need to be undertaken. In this case, I completely and utterly forgot about Bullet Journaling, scheduling my life into a series of lists and appointments and spent close to six weeks, being easy and going with the flow.

As a result of not picking up my Bullet Journal, I learnt a few valuable lessons and they were: a.) my life didn’t fall to pieces as I had originally believed, b.) scheduling time to sit down at my kitchen table and designing next weeks minimalist outlay is incredibly therapeutic and something I truly missed and lastly, c.) I should carve out a few hours for myself to be able to do this at the end of the each month.

Mr. Darcy & Baby O’Chunky

Scheduling ‘me-time’: After experiencing a rather wet, gloomy and slightly dreadful April that was spent indoors a majority of the time as I didn’t want Baby O’Chunky to become ill or myself. This resulted in me having an extreme and rather nasty case of cabin fever, nappy-valley syndrome and flashbacks to what life was like outside of Play School, Sesame Street and my IQ slipping rapidly. Hence why scheduling downtime or ‘me time’ has become an essential moment in how to stay alive as a stay at home mum and after a month, spent taking care of me for a change, it’s been really peaceful and relaxing. Overall, my mental health and wellbeing is thanking me constantly for these little moments away.

One of those little moments in July was my coffee date with Morgan. This coffee date was exactly what the Registered Nurses’ ordered (Morgan and I are both Registered Nurses, professionally) and when it came time to leaving, I didn’t want to leave. Between copious amounts of hugs from both myself and Baby O’Chunky, squealing over engagement rings and sparkly wedding rings, an update regarding wedding planning and being overwhelmed with how much Morgan has brought a beam of sunshine into my day; I was overcome with so much joy. Least to say, I think the highlight of Morgan’s day was holding, cuddling, smelling and giving Baby O plenty of kisses and hugs. All before being given a rare smile, a giggle or two as well as a gurgle of enjoyment from Baby O.

For me, it was an opportunity to catch up with a fellow colleague in the industry we’ve chosen, discuss hours and new job interests for both of us, talk about my upcoming wedding and the various stages of planning I’m undertaking (boy, this is stressful) and enjoy eating a whole muffin and drinking a relatively warm coffee.

Taking some well deserved ‘me time’

Whilst on the topic of photography and experimenting with various picture angles and settings, my newest adventure wouldn’t be possible without two things: my Coolpix A900 camera and my iPhone 7+. A few years ago, I made the decision to take a leap of faith and walk on the dark side of the moon and converted from being purely a Samsung gal to an Apple gal and I’ve never looked back.

Having spent months looking into the battery life (I hated the fact my Samsung phone battery died after three hours of use!) as well as the photo and camera qualities, I decided to go for the longshot and ever since then, I’ve been using my iPhone to capture a majority of my photos. These photos are either used to update my Instagram account (@scarlettochunky), capture those moments in various picture folders and scrapbooks and for documentary requirements relating to my university studies. Speaking of which, I even took a photo of my new oven but a little more on that, later.

As for my Coolpix A900 camera, I brought it last year on the whim of vlogging my university studies, lifestyle updates and anything that really took my fancy and instead, I’ve been using it to capture weekly changes in Baby O’Chunky. Regarding vlogging, I’m a little apprehensive about doing this in public (I’ve tried it a few times and appear to be a deer caught in the headlights) and don’t really know what would be worthy of watching for a viewer. But then, I guess it’s all about taking that familiar leap of faith and testing the waters to see where the currant will take you.

New oven, who dis?: The conclusion to June saw my oven take a turn and least to say, it ended with my oven blowing up and July witnessing a rather stressed and highly annoyed me. Although it was tempting to do a Carrie and turn my unusable oven into a storage bay for my cashmere sweaters and other clothing items, I managed to pull through. Barely. After reaching my limit of not being able to bake, cook a roast or simply sit on the floor and stare at something grilling (how riveting!), I demanded Mr. Darcy to go down to the home centre and buy a new oven. Mr. Darcy and Kaffy (my sister) delivered the goods and now I have an amazing new oven that I’m still trying to figure out temperature ranges. With that, new oven…. Who dis?

Side note: after nearly three weeks of having our new oven, I am still figuring things out and trying not to burn everything. I’m still a happy wife (to-be!)

Me Want Cookie! -Cookie Monster.

I am not one for counting views, clicks or seeing how many people are following Scarlett O’Chunky (hello to my new followers and Dearest Readers!). However, after nearly seven years of blogging and maintaining a semi-regular schedule of uploading on a Sunday morning at 10 am (GMT+10), something rather special has happened overnight and it appears like I am doing something right. After having initially thought about ending this chapter of my life and turning my focus towards other interests like vlogging or taking photos for keepsake mementos, I decided to press onwards and as a result, I’m a few shy off from reaching a few of my unknown targets.

One being: I have been able to surpass my original upload number. So much so, I’ve been able to hit another high number in the triple digit range and have discovered I’ve got so much to talk about, share with you and bring awareness to. Because of this, all I can say is: Scarlett O’Chunky will continue being an true and honest lifestyle blog, as stated in my blog headline.

The various achievements that have been accomplished and reached have a been a result of hard work, the endless hours spent pondering and trying to find the words. As a result, I had no idea how popular my Lactation Cookies blog post would become within the blogging community and personally, for my own self growth and development. I had originally written it with the intention of publishing it that week and yet, found myself continuously re-scheduling it as I wasn’t 100% sure if people would be interested in reading it. Sure enough, I was proven to be incorrect and was left stumped beyond all words as to how popular it would become.

Because of this little hint of success and encouragement from the blogging community, I opened up a blank word document and wrote another beneficial post that was written on the spur of the moment. Having seen a photo uploaded to Instagram that I found horrible and concerning about this person, I wrote Dearest Morgan as a forever keepsake for the person so they could return to it and reread it when things got bad. As a result, the post has proven to be a personal hit on some many accounts as this person opened up about their struggles, internal fears of not being able to have children and relishing in the knowledge that I, too, had been told similar things as a young teenager and I’d proven the doctors and science wrong.

Mama & Baby O’Chunky
Baby O’Chunky:

I’m only going to do a quick update on Baby O as I am in the midst of planning and slowly writing a six-monthly baby update, which hopefully shall be available for you in the next coming weeks. But where do I begin without giving it all away as I am notorious for hysterically laughing at the plot line in a joke and can’t finish said joke?

The only thing that can mentioned in this little section is: I am bloody loving motherhood and Baby O’Chunky! Even when he blows his nappies out, I’m faced with needing a sperm suit and dry gagging at the stench from a tiny human bottom is beyond my comprehension levels. Maybe I am still in the honeymoon phase of parenthood, being a first time Mum or I’m lucky to be skimming through everything with God’s good graces. But whatever it is, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Goffie & her bitch, Pablo.
Birthday & Wedding Planning:

Having spent the past few months thinking it’s still 2018 and I’ve got plen-tay of time to plan Mr. Darcy’s and I’s upcoming wedding; I came out of denial rather quickly. In a completely rude and slightly panic-inducing moment of reality, I Googled ‘how many days until (insert date) 2019’ and discovered Mr. Darcy and I have less than triple digit days until we become husband and wife. Hence why I have been busily crunching numbers, demanding invites to be sent in the mail (oi vey, that’s been a shit storm and a half!) and on my downtime, staring at my ever-growing list of things that need to be accomplished. I guess at the end of the day, as long as my guests have food on the table, Mr. Darcy turns up at our wedding destination and my dress doesn’t get lost in transit… that’s all the counts right?

As for the other big announcement, Mr. Darcy turned the big 3-0 in July. It would be during the time of living in a self-induced panic and stress frame of mind, I realised I would essentially have to plan, format and throw a birthday for Mr. Darcy with little to no assistance. However, my ever fabulous sidekick and sister (Kaffy) helped me out with planning, shopping, decorating and tailoring the fancy dress themed party to perfection. Something of which I am very thankful and grateful for.

Lois and Red also chipped in with their lungs and proceeded to blow a vast quantity of balloons until we discovered said balloons were made from latex and Lois was promptly put into charge of delegating odd tasks. Least to say, the night went off with only a few vocal slurring’s that were promptly nipped in the bud and the birthday boy seemed to thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Although this was a relatively long post regarding some of my favourite moments of June and July, I can honestly say that it doesn’t cover half or even a quarter of what these months brought to me. However, these are just some of the highlights that have brought tears, laughter and continuous smiles to my face and mind.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I’m really curious as to what your favourite highlight for the month of June or July was. Why not leave it in a comment and I look forward to reading and responding to them.

Much love and until next time,

Eliza xx

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