M R & M R S D A R C Y

It is with great excitement and nervous anticipation, I announce the marriage between Mr. Darcy and myself. 

On Friday 6th of September 2019, at 2.30pm, Mr. Darcy and I promised to love, nurture and encourage one another in front of our family, loved ones and friends. As to more of our wedding, we shall reveal all when we come back from our honeymoon and I sit down to write my post about our wedding day and honeymoon. 

It can also be stated that we haven’t stopped smiling, giggling or staring at one another in amazement. Because, we both have waited twenty-something years for the other to arrive with his and her upside down maps.

Until then, enjoy the first ever reveal of Mr. Darcy’s face and the pure happiness radiating from within us.


Lots of love, 

Mr. & Mrs Darcy xx

3 thoughts on “M R & M R S D A R C Y

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