The Wedding Reception

Prior to departing for our wedding reception, Mr. Darcy and I sought the company of Judy.

Both of us expressed our most sincerest gratitude and many thanks for allowing us to get married at AnnaBella Chapel. As it had proven to be the most beautiful of chapels located on the Sunshine Coast and you could feel it overbrimming with history of those who’d gotten married prior to us.

Mr. Darcy and I confirmed it had held up to all of our dreams and aspirations of how we had envisioned for our wedding day and ceremony. I gushed in excitement about loved ones and guests had been in awe of of the wooden ceiling, hand created wallpaper of the dove soaring in the sky and how, we had enjoyed hearing the endless screams of delight as children ran around the grounds.

All the while, being slowly immersed into a bubbling melting pot of love, warmth, hospitality and the wonderings of what the future would entail.


It would be in the remaining moments of it simply being Mr. Darcy and I, we were down the driveway to our awaiting Best Man and his beast of a car that we stopped in our tracks.

Looking at each for what felt like the first time of the day, we greeted each other as husband and wife. As the minutes began to tick down until we had to leave for our reception, Mr. Darcy and I spoke of our wedding vows, our lifetime promises and commitment to each other, ourselves and to our son and future children.

As our truest of immediate loved ones watched on in happiness and mirth, whilst sharing the odd tear or three, Mr. Darcy and I secretly eloped under the setting sun.


We sealed our secret elopement with a kiss.

After deciding to not skip the reception for an evening of entertainment as we knew the slaughtering from disgruntled family members were about to occur, we arrived in true O’Chunky fashion.

We decided to carry on with the theme of being incredibly late and lingered outside with those who’d witnessed our elopement.

Guests and loved ones mingled inside the reception room and they were encouraged to find their seats.

For I had deliberately chosen to not do a seating chart as it meant that guests and loved ones were encouraged to talk to one another and build the anticipation of who was sitting where and with whom.

As guests found their seats and wooden name tags, elegantly dressed waiters carried trays of canapés that were piled high and other little delightful morsels.

While outside, it would be in the final moment of giving Baby O’Chunky a kiss on the cheek and wiping away my lipstick left behind, Lois and Red gave Mr. Darcy and I some incredibly wise words.

That contained an unlimited amount of wisdom built up over years of marriage and to seal it off, six months’ worth of knowledge.

Encountering a small crowd that had gathered to stop and stare at the bridal party, Mr. Darcy and I gave everyone a small wave and smile before making our way into our reception venue. As we were greeted by Laura, the events coordinator of Buderim Tavern, we were taken to the piano lounge.

Where our canapés and a refreshing drink waited for us.

Yang and I laughed about how the tables had turned in a short span of twelve months and how, Yang, had been the most amazing friend I could ever have; Coach – our fabulous masters of ceremonies- came to deliver the news.

The crowd were getting restless and that meant: it was go time!


As the crowed laughed at Coach’s announcement of the bridal party having arrived after a slight detour at the bar, the bridesmaids and groomsmen made their grand entrance.


Mr. G, one of the surfing brothers and longtime friend of Mr. Darcy, gave the thumbs up of approval.

Whether it was to the song choice or Mr. G were informing the crowd of the bride and groom were outside and on the edge of being a nervous wreck, we would never know. Although, it seemed to be a highlight of the crowd.

Judging by the laughter following afterwards.

The butterflies swarmed again, Mr. Darcy and I nervously took a deep breath in. As we silently clasped hands and with a final of statement of “love you and good luck,” Mr. Darcy nodded at Coach.

Feeling as if time had slowed down for a millisecond before speeding up, the doors opened to “Lord and Lady Darcy’.


Mr. Darcy and I’s grand appearance went as smoothly as I had hoped for.

Having chosen a most flamboyant and eyebrow raising song without Mr. Darcy knowing, we made our entrance to ‘Gold Digger‘ by Kanye West.

Least to say, a majority of our guests and loved ones laughed endlessly at the song, alongside a very amused, entertained and surprised Mr. Darcy.

All the while, a few noses in the very remote distance seemed to be out of placement and probably didn’t understand the reference.


As for Coach…. he tried vainly to contain his hysterics and mirth.

We made our way to where guests and loved ones would be seated for the reception and Mr. Darcy and I stopped in our tracks.

For I happened to be completely and utterly taken back for a moment or two.

The once bare room had been transitioned into a place of elegance, function and hinted at the forbidden desires unseen to the naked eye.

I couldn’t help but think about the months spent planning the colour scheme, what linens were appropriate for tables, where people would be sitting and who hated whom or those individuals who’d catch on like a house on fire.

Red, Frodo, Pablo as well as Mr. Darcy and his legendary mates, Mr. G and T, had done a phenomenal job in tweaking my very rough and very sketchy designs on the back of a napkin of what I had envisioned for our reception.

There was something about how the classic colours of black and white highlighted the little pops of gold here, there and everywhere. As well as, highlighting the truly ever wondrous design and workings of Lois.


Having dreamt of centre pieces for the guest tables and thinking of colours, textures and if we were going to use real or artificial flowers, as a means of keeping my hay fever bug at bay; Lois and I spent hours upon hours playing with various flower textures and colours.

Unlike the reception tables, our family wooden table had been piled high with various pieces of foam, the ever famous remnants of hot-glue cooling on the skin and the cuttings of leaves and jewels. I also thought about the hours and weeks spent painstakingly watching Lois, hunched over a wooden table as she began to redesign the centre pieces as they never felt quite right or looked perfect in her mind.

Until finally one day, Lois had declared she had found the perfect combination.

As guests began to sit down at their allocated tables and touch the flower petals for confirmation as to whether or not the flowers were real, Mr. Darcy and I made our way to the caking cutting table.


With months leading up to the wedding, I had secretly fallen in love with the idea of Lois and I spending hours poring over my Great-Grandmother Nell’s wedding manual on how to bake and decorate the utmost perfect wedding cake.

Complete with making and designing your own Bluebirds for luck.

Having smuggled Nell’s recipe and baking guide back home and doing a blind baking trial, I looked at a scorched and deflated cake and knew my secret dream wouldn’t happen.

With both of our ovens acting like a hormonal teenager in midst of a temper meltdown, I broke the news to an eagerly excited Lois. I gently informed her of the blind trial and how the cakes wouldn’t have been ‘perfect’ in our eyes and how Mr. Darcy and I had discussed purchasing a small wedding cake.

However, it was in the moment of picking up the knife that I looked at Lois and shared a smile with her.

The building anticipation for dessert had our guests and loved ones licking their lips.

Mr. Darcy and I cut our deliciously and decadently flawed wedding cake.

However, a quick photobombing opportunity soon arose.

Unbeknownst to Lois and Red.

Mr. Darcy and I settled into our front vow seats before Lois came up to us and asked if we had had something to eat and drink after the secret elopement.

I, in turn, watched in silent amazement as a joyous and gleefully chuckling Tara made her way around the room.  

Capturing those memory keepsakes for the Bride and Groom to look back on years to come.

Moments like the newly made friendship between Goffie and The Seductress; whilst unknowingly, highlighting the truest definitions of all.

The truest definition of what it means to be seen, acknowledged and known as a member of the O’Chunky family. As well as, the unconditional support and guidance provided by those who have nurtured and will continue nurturing the pathway chosen by Mr. Darcy and I.



Before stealthily melting into the background and capturing those who’d secretly caught her attention. 



The next few hours flew by at lightening speed for I was far too busy chatting with friends, thanking guests who had travelled both near and far and winding my way back to my seat for entrees.

With the entrees coming to an end and as everyone settled into their seats with groans, it was time for speeches.

Queenie, my tipuna wahine, passionately read a letter on behalf of The Fairy Godmother.

As she hadn’t been able to attend Mr. Darcy and I’s wedding.

For The Fairy Godmother happened to be double booked with a fabulous date with herself and Paris, France.

Predictably, I promptly burst into tears.

Dinner sped by in a haze of happy chattering between guests and loved ones as Mr. Darcy and I enjoyed our little love bubble, whilst it remained.

As the last plate was removed from the table, the Groom’s father gave a telling speech that left everyone, including Mr. Darcy and I, stunned.

And in true O’Chunky form and having been raised with manners, I thanked my father in law for his… speech.


We moved onwards and onto the next best thing.

Ned Kelly, the bearded seducer of The Seductress and the Best Man, took to his spotlight with a rather uplifting and highly amusing speech.


Ned had the perfected the right amount of humour, knowledge and a refreshing twist of wisdom of what, both he and The Seductress had thought when they’d first met me and the speech had people in stitches.

Especially when it came to reveal a hidden secret of Mr. Darcy.

It truly resonated with guests and loved ones and certainly had more than a few people coming up to both Mr. Darcy and I, asking if Ned could write their best man speeches and if there could’ve been some pointers to other communicators.

As tiny desserts were placed onto the tabletops in front of guests, I took the opportunity to walk around and speak with various guests and loved ones.

Pausing every now and than, to ask if they were enjoying themselves, how they found the food and speeches to be and what their thoughts of AnnaBella chapel and the wedding.

I felt truly happy as everyone complimented the chapel and more importantly, Suzanne and Judy’s hard work.

Having asked Tara to take a photo for me, I posed with my truly fabulous and equally as naughty friend, Ms. J and her date and childhood friend, Ms. K.

It truly was a hoot hearing their thoughts on various subjects and how I managed to keep a straight face, I didn’t know.

As the clock continued ticking away and those attending settled into the evening’s celebrations with a drink or two, it was time to kick off the dances.

As Lois quietly sobbed in the corner whilst leaning against one of her burly sons, Red and I took to the dance floor.

Having always known Red possessed the smooth talking capabilities of James Bond, ordering a martini with a twist a lemon, I discovered who Red is.

Not only as a husband.

But also as a man, a father and a friend.

As the words of Daddy faded away, Red and I continued dancing for a few more minutes as we thanked each other for the years of parenthood, guidance and friendship had developed into something more stronger than words could explain.

Until, I was spun out and as my wedding dress flew around my ankles in a glorious display of tulle, lace and champagne silk, Mr. Darcy took my hand.

Where we danced for the first time as Husband and Wife.

We danced to a song I had fallen in love with at the tender age of 10 and when turning around to my family, I informed them that when I met Mr. Darcy and I knew he was the one, I would dance to this song.

As it declared everything I could and couldn’t say.

This is our song if you are curious..

Least to say, there wasn’t a dry eye amongst the O’Chunky’s.

Mr. Darcy and I reserved the last speech to the all-mighty, Lois.

A few weeks leading up to the wedding, Mr. Darcy and I had been discussing the definition of words and how funny it would be, to us at least, if we gave Lois a list of words that she had to include in her speech.

Ultimately, the grand prize if she’d say all of the words included would be a top-shelf alcoholic drink of her choice as a means of saying, ‘thank you’ for all the hard work and guidance Lois has given.

When taking to the glowing spotlight as I briefly called out six seconds, a secret joke amongst the O’Chunky household, the crowd soon became still with anticipation.

It was only then, with a chuckle, Lois mentioned the list of words and how she’d written them down on a piece of card for Mr. Darcy and I. So we could keep them for our keepsakes.

As to Lois’ list of carefully selected words, they were:

God Send
Rainbow skittle blow
Green thumb
Chet faker
Jack Johnson
Voldemort & Tom Riddle
Harry Potter

Lois decided to out-do herself by adding the final touch to her speech, which had everyone laughing in hysterics and sucking in bellyful’s of air.

By finishing her speech with a nod to one of my all-time favourite Mary Poppins songs and a much younger version of myself jumping off the swings while singing this on top of my lungs with an umbrella in hand, Lois said….



Needless to say, Thelma and Louise secretly congratulated one another and promised to give it six months.


Wanting to break tradition and start one of our own, I led Lois onto the dance floor with tears in my eyes and swept her into my arms.

Where we danced away to our favourite song and simply enjoyed it being just Betty and Mildred Ethel Bottom.

Before we were interrupted with a rather dashing guy and the duo became a laughing and giggling trio of naughty school children as we jigged on the spot.


Before I slinked away and left Lois and Mr. Darcy to have their own mother and son outlaw dance.

As for the rest of the night…..

It remains a mystery to be untold.

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