A Sorrento From My Birthday

Last year, I had the mad idea of wanting a big, loud and slightly in-your-face birthday party to ring in the ending of an era, the beginning of a whole new and entirely scary decade and the fabulous beginning of being 30!

The remaining weeks of being 29 and in my ‘roaring 20’s’ were spent either in hysterics or sniffling into a tear soaked hanky. As the thought of Blake turning 1 had me pretty emotional, I put my slightly neurotic mum brain on hold for a few seconds and used the time spent crying or sobbing, planning the morning of my 30th birthday.

While I had envisioned waking up with billowing pillows of pillows, soft downy sheets that smelt like laundry detergent and a grinning husband with a cake piled high with candles….

In reality, I had crinkled sheets that smelt like sleep, a cold empty space next to me and a pillow that felt as if it had been casted from the heavens. As for the grinning husband, I received the image of a towering bearded, half sleepy giant with an almost one year old toddler perched on a hip and a diaper bag in hand.

With a few kisses and snuggles shared between Mr. Darcy and I as Blake zoomed around the bed and tried grasping Seven for a hug, we slowly made our way out of bed and got ready for the day.

It was almost comical, the way we turned to each other as we were walking out the front door and said, “We need a hit of Vitamin D and Serrento’s“.


While Mr. Darcy took to pushing the pram as I stopped every know and then to take memory photos, thought about what I was going to write and inspect what plants I needed in my garden (alas, I didn’t need any of the ones I found!).

Always being patient of my wanderings and ramblings about what plants we need for our ever-expanding garden and my green thumb, we ambled our way down to our little hidden oasis on the Sunshine Coast.


Mr. Darcy, in his truest form of elements, pointed out he could do with a new surfboard to his ever-extending collection and complained of how the surf conditions hadn’t been favourable for a few weeks.

As we slowly made our way past the surfboards, lining the busy sidewalk of our little beach community and praying under my breath that we weren’t going to be lugging home a surfboard…. I spotted a glistening speck of white.


Although others would state it was nothing fancy or newsworthy like the restaurants I used to dine at with Lady Blacksnot III while in my 20’s, the more mature and sophisticated version of myself would have to simply disagree.

Placing our orders and having a quick conversation with the owner, a rather delightful  woman, about how Mr. Darcy and I have the etiquette of ‘country people’ and the difference it makes when saying please and thank-you, I ambled over to where the daily newspapers are kept. 

It was there, my heart shattered as I poured over the words spelt out how an incredibly brave woman, fought to protect her children. In the last moments of breath, she relayed information to the police regarding the horrific domestic violence abuse she had experienced and how ultimately, the man had killed her children.


Publicly, I wept into my tissue after reading about the sheer braveness this woman had endured before passing away; I turned to Mr. Darcy and told him of my thoughts about what I had read.

What truly surprised me was the raw emotions, concerns and fears expressed by both of us about those in domestic violence relationships and the difficulty there is, to be able to leave someone and know there was a possibility of harm in doing so.


I pondered deeply while watching a quant little couple with exploring buddies, as they talked about the adventures about to be undertaken when I looked down and noticed something.


A rather cute and edible little munchin playing peek a boo.

Before we knew it, breakfast had arrived!

Having almost known we were going to have a big breakfast, we slowly grazed our way through seared sausages, beautifully browned hash browns, robust tomatoes seared lightly and a sprinkling of spinach.



We opted to linger a little bit longer and soak in as much vitamin D and caffeine we would possibly get.

The final sweeping of a buttery piece of toast, to soak up those goo-ey egg yolks had been achieved, I slowly sipped away on my mango and passionfruit smoothie.

Capturing the final serrento moment of my birthday morning, I not only declared it had been a success as we found ourselves waddling back up the side walk. But I also found myself, questioning everything I knew about life, the meaning of it and if there really was ever going to be an end to domestic violence.

I still was pondering heavily upon this when I received a message telling me, there was a little gift waiting outside my front gate…..



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