My Self-Care Digital Detox Challenge

I have previously written a post on ways you can spend a weekend detoxing and getting out of the house. Turns out, the post was a hit with various people, gained a few likes and should’ve been something I stuck to like glue. Instead since uploading that particular post, I’ve been living on a social media rollercoaster and after having added the time limit on my phone so I can have a better understanding of where I spend a majority of my time, I discovered social media and the uncomfortable urge to scroll endlessly has become a huge fixation in my life.

Which leads me to the next sentence. After spending close to thirty minutes clicking, saving and scrolling through the pretty and slightly repetitive pins on Pinterest (oh my, I love Pinterst!); I stumbled across a pin that boldly proclaimed ’17 signs you need a digital detox’. It was in that moment, I realised I had opted to have 15 more minutes, three times, before ultimately clicking to ignore the time limit on my phone and coming to the conclusion, Mr. Darcy had been asleep for nearly two hours while I endlessly scrolled some more.

As I have mentioned in the past, a social media break and digital detox often does the soul a great thing and makes you want to embrace and live in the moment. Hence why I’ve decided to kick off a month based purely on self-care and trying to re-establish the joy I find in most mundane things. Except for the household laundry because we will never find joy in that. For the next 30 or so days, I’m going to be focusing on areas important to me and finding ways on which I can take some time out, unplug for a few hours or days (if need be) and introduce things I’ve been talking about wanting to do and yet, have never actually followed through.

Talk about being a ‘I’m a gunna’ person and I must admit, I never thought I would start becoming someone like this. I also suspect this attitude began shortly after I had Baby O and was told by society that my body, mental status and motherhood appearance had to appear like the crème del la crème. In other words, my shit couldn’t stink to high heaven. As a result, I turned heavily to social media because I felt like I could find the answers to questions I was afraid of asking or was in the midst voicing out loud, it provided a one-sided friendship in times of pure loneliness and I was afraid that my body would be rejected because it wasn’t ‘up to scratch and modern day expectations’.

However, it’s going to end. I am a firm believer that I have the capabilities and means to implement this self-care challenge digital detox into my life and stay truthful. But for next several days, I’m going to put away my phone, stop scrolling the endless array of heavily edited Instagram photos and go on a digital detox and explore what life really is. I plan on making some small, medium and big changes and I’m pretty bloody excited to see how it pans out!

At the end of the day and the very last hour of the month, I can kick back and know I have tried and done my best. I hope I can keep up with all of the weekly challenges I have thought of and really prove to myself that life is filled with opportunities to reconnect with loved ones. And that its okay to put down the phone, step out of the perfect picture and be messy for a few hours because no one is going to judge you.


It won’t be a complete digital detox without establishing some goals and having a loosely based plan. Having read countless books on hypnobirthing and learning the mind and body can be tricked into doing things you normally wouldn’t think of, I’ve opted to implement these techniques into my plan. Hopefully at the end of the month, all of my goals would have been crossed off and I’d be more calmer and relaxed.

So here’s the goals for my digital detox plan:

  • Set times during the week to scroll through social media and emails. Whether it be in the morning, lunch or an hour before bed.
  • Do not check your emails on the phone, after having just woken up. Although tempting, it can wait until later. Save it for your computer!
  • 5pm, your phone gets plugged in and you spend time being in the moment with family.
  • Learning opportunities will always come first. Push notifications and alerts until scheduled time.
  • Instead of reading a book on your phone, your local library is merely a short walk from the house. Walk to the library, order 10+ books and read.
  • No more using your phone in bed. The humidifier can be put on a timer, so it’ll be on when you get into bed and the Rain Rain app can be applied. If you need it!
  • Apple has a timer for technology. Set it and use it. Do not exceed more than 1 minute, once. It can wait until tomorrow.

I’ll be sure to write an update at the beginning of next month, telling you how I went. Hopefully, I’ll see you here. 

Much love,

Eliza xx

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