I happened to be scrolling my newest additions to Pinterest and when scrolling to the very bottom of a beautifully decorated page and it was there. I found the most amazing quote of the day.

I read, ‘It’s a beautiful day to go after your dreams’.

Which is utterly priceless in my mind because today is a beautiful day as it is overcast. The humidity has disappeared and the impending sense of ‘is it going to rain or not rain’ is forever in the back of everyone’s mind. Including mine.

It’s days like these that I most dearly adore as I find myself grounded in such a way that I feel utter bliss, calm in my spirituality of being a woman and my head isn’t racing with a to-do list containing a 101 things. Instead, I glide through everything that I’m able to accomplish, I find myself not thinking ‘should’ve done that’ when not having accomplished everything on my to-do list and weirdly enough, I find myself talking serenely and calmly.

Really are beginning to suspect my attention to focus and a cleared mentality is to do with the thought of it raining, as I love anything to do with the element of water and I just simply can’t get enough of it. It could also be the therapeutic sound of the wind rustling through the trees outside my window that brings back memories of my Mother’s wind-chimes delicately swaying in the breeze and feeling awed by the different sounds they’d make as a child.

Or it could be the fact, I am slowly reintroducing myself to the concept of Eliza Darcy and for once, I am not dreading her forever changing and revolving storylines of what kind of blog she really is.

Although I have been away for the past few months due to many different reasonings and position changes within my personal life, I found I needed to take my annual semi-scheduled break from blogging. To not only experience life within the moment but also, to clear my mindset once again and refocus on the longterm goal. 

While really trying to understand what Eliza Darcy is about these days.

For Eliza Darcy originally started off as a series of posts about my Student Registered Nurse journey, back in the hay days and the random emotional posts that left nothing to the imagination. Which, I have since deleted and purged these posts because I feel they are no longer relevant to my life currently but they remind of me a rather unpleasant reminder of why somethings should be openly discussed and other times, you close the lid of your laptop and go and watch a movie.

Than there was the times of broaching certain topics that felt scandalous at the time, when I was living a highly curated and fabulous life as a single twenty-something year old woman in Brisbane. Something of which, I lived life like I were Carrie Bradshaw. Minus the floor to ceiling high fashion clothing and shoes.

All before coming to the conclusion that while it was still fabulous, thrilling and a little bit hot under the collar… I had grown up and so had my views. I went from Samantha Jones/Carrie Bradshaw to Charlotte Yorke and everything that encompasses who this fictional character is really about.

While it may have been a result of discovering my Godmother’s church ladies read the blog and not wanting to give them a heart attack, I discovered and realised there was nothing wrong with openly stating how I really felt and the difference of my life goals and dreams. Not only had I grown up and accepted reality but also, my attention towards settling down and making a life with Mr. Darcy was something I found appealing and I really yearned to become the domestic goddess of my own home.

Something I’d had dreamed of as a little girl and showing those who thought women could only do one thing at a time, that it was possible and quite mind-blowing that women can maintain their domestic goddess status within the home while still being independent in all senses (financial, self-worth and social etc); but also, continue striving forth within our professional lives. Which has recently happened to me as I am now defined and acknowledged as being a Senior RN after five years.

All I can say to that is: take that and what a major accomplish for not only myself, my parents but also, to the patients and colleagues who have had a significant impact upon how I function and work as a nurse!

It may also be due to having always believed in the philosophy of: I can never not juggle enough balls, even if I were to break a few in the process.

Needless to say, Eliza Darcy has transitioned into being the holder of stories, love letters to those who need to be reminded that life is not always greener but rather, all it takes is a little nurturing, love, patience and baited breath. Not to mention, the unknown because I never really know when its time to pack it all up and call it a day.

For the writing bug and the desire share is still very much alive and I suspect, it will be for sometime.  

Having turned 30 this year and coming to the conclusion that it’s not really that scary to state my age online, I have been silently watching as everyone on instagram and other various platforms feel the need and desire to brand their names, lives and are massive fans of labelling their opinions. It has also made me realise that while this is the ‘newest thing’ to do as a means of gaining followers, sponsored posts and becoming a slave to the rhythm (really couldn’t resist!), I like being unbranded and have decided to remain so.

Well, for now at least.

Though my posts will have categories listed on my home page as it’s easier to find similar or like-minded pieces for general direction, it’s the thought of each blog post fitting into different categories and topics that sound appealing and dare I say it, risqué.

For instance, one post could be about motherhood and why parents survive on copious amount of coffee (alcohol these days with Covid) and the next post, a cooking one because we all know your girl loves to cook…. and the next post will be something completely different.

Least to say, I haven’t figured it all out exactly and you know what, I’m accepting this and I’m rather are fond of the unknown and its little secrets.

Overall, I guess my final point is: Times are changing and therefore, so am I

So much so, I’ve decided to keep the domain of to prevent further confusion for you and also, I’m not ready to let everything go about her. Although I am now publicly known as Eliza Darcy, after many years of signing off under the pseudonym of Scarlett, I still like think there is a tiny part of me that is still Scarlett and she lives a relatively happy life with her various lovers and endless supply of martinis with 3 olives. I also like to believe that without this cleverly developed fictional character of my own, I wouldn’t of discovered what life is really like or about and it wouldn’t of shaped who I am today.

In a way, it’s a nod to the forever changing demographic of the copious chapters I have lived thus far.

Secondly, the time away from Eliza and being able to clear my mind and soul has been spent with my feet in some form of water, whether it be at the beach or in our pool as I laze away in the sun. As well as, tackling some important projects of mine that I’m yearning to write about and share them with you.

Starting off with printing my wedding photos after a year of being married! But that’s for another day and another post in the near future.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you for not only being patient with me and the blog (as I’ve received many emails/messages asking when I was returning). But also, for continuously supporting a one woman show over the past few years as I’ve transitioned out of one idea and into another, while I tried to figure out what it was that I wanted to write about and share.

Without you and your never ending support, Eliza Darcy wouldn’t be who she is today.

Much love xx

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