I thought it would be truly fitting to start off this post by saying: G O O D B Y E spring and hello to scolding summer temperatures, endless hours in the pool and more importantly, the fabulous thought of there being another sunflower season next year.

Unlike last year, I was gallivanting around the country side and fully learning to embrace my now found discovery of taking it easy, enjoying motherhood and newborn life one day at a time and coming to terms that every labour and birth is different from the next woman. The thought of 2020 had me running for my nurses uniform as it was the year of nursing and midwifery…. until we had a rather significant gatecrasher (no names Covid-19) and we almost seemed to disappear into the background of a rather horrific and traumatic year it has been.

To be honest, I never thought I would be alive or relatively young when a pandemic around the world would bring earth shuddering to a holt, mass panic buying and hoarding and having to determine if using the last bit of toilet paper for our butt was considered an emergency. Or, should we resort to the 1900’s and use bits of newspaper to do the job. However, there was a positive twist to Covid and that was the increased sales of alcohol and in particular, vodka.

Like everyone else who has found themselves staring out of a encased glass window and wondered what fresh air without wearing a face mask felt like, I’ve been experiencing the same level of emotions and questionings as to whether or not, a new sense of reality would begin shortly. Not to mention, the mass amount of rain we’ve had over winter (truly reminded me of Britain) and than it being uber sunny and hot has been emotionally and mentally tolling as well. 

With a cup of warm-ish coffee, the ever present feeling of panic and anxiety building up in my chest and a racing-around toddler, the past six or so months have been a dreadful time for all of us. Whether it be witnessing the elderly bartering for a small pack of flour and sugar and the endless discussions at work of how we all have changed our lifestyle routines within our personal lives so we don’t risk bringing Covid into work and our elderly people getting sick. Guess you can say, Corona was and still is a fickle minded bitch.

Although I’m actively telling myself that ‘Rona will disappear and it won’t have an affect upon my rather magical summer season. Complete with sweltering summer Australian heat and the thought of having a dry summer. I thought I would sit down and establish some goals for myself.

Being the realist we both know I am and coming to terms that life won’t be returning to normal (if ever) for a while, I’ve decided my goals aren’t going to be grandiose or flamboyant in nature. But rather, they’ll be small, intimate and reconfirming that it’s okay to dedicate time towards things that matter to me and really emphasising on the importance of family and friends.  So, here’s my summer goals for 20/21.

01. When it comes to the top of my list, the first thing I really have an interest in is having more consistency when it comes to writing blog posts. A few years back, I somehow managed to find the time between assessments and clinicals to write and upload two posts a week. While it was relatively easy in the beginning, everything has changed and so have my views on topics and categories. I guess the first step I have to take is believing in myself and the ability I possess of being able to put words into sentences and go from there.

02. One of the most important things I can do for my mental health and wellbeing is to establish a routine that allows me to find my centre of gravity and stick to it. Having felt ashamed of being known as a statistic who experiences anxiety and depression on a daily basis and learning to overcome the stigma associated with it, I’ve spent the past few months openly discussing any thoughts and feelings I have towards my mental health. While being informed that having a short and profound routine, it will target any anxiety I’m feeling and it can be beneficial in the long run.

After putting it on the back-burn for a while, I’m going to open my Mind The Bump app (available for Android and Apple) and spend several minutes out of my day and really focus on simply breathing and clearing the mind. It’ll be also great when I start getting closer to the end of my second trimester of pregnancy and those thoughts of labour, birth and the fourth trimester starts.


03. I want to continue working on my photography. Since getting into the knack of blogging, I have learnt some valuable lessons of what not to do when it comes to taking a photo and I’d really like to expand my knowledge. As I learn to fiddle around with settings/editing, it’ll mean more photo opportunities for family members, discovering the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting a toddler to stand still so I can take a snap for memory keeping and potentially, uploading images onto social media. In turn, I can coerce Mr. Darcy into learning how to take Insta worthy photos and becoming a fully-fledged Instagram Husband because, boy, does he need to learn how to take the right angles! Oh how a girl can only wish!

04. Orientate myself to the true definition of family. While Blake is a subject often spoken about, both Mr. Darcy and I’s alongside my immediate family’s focus shifts to life with future grandchildren, our dream holiday destination as a collective and Lois living and being breast cancer free. This thought and so many more I experience on a daily basis is one of the most thrilling and exciting things I often fantasise about and, it does feel rather naughty to have them whilst at work! I think after a rather horrendous year we have faced as a collective and unit, both personally and within the public eye, I feel as if we have moved another boulder out of our pathways and we are inching closer to finding that dream holiday destination. Only decision we need to make is: Tasmania or Hamilton Island??

05. I would like to remind Lois, just how incredibly strong she is. By throwing a ‘f-k cancer’ party! Complete with balloons, streamers, massive swans that are definitely going to make a come back in 20/21 and a banner that says: “Breast Cancer Survivor!” So much so, I’m currently in the process of looking for some merchandise that basically states f—- you cancer.

06. Speaking of breast cancer, I would like to be a participant in the annual breast cancer walk that gets held in Brisbane City or in Sydney. Taking into consideration the unknown duration of time for Covid-19 and the dreaded thought of having to self-quarantine for 14 days in a windowed cell, I am more than happy to wait until the following year (if need be) to be able to participate in person. The one thing that keeps it centred in my head is how amazing it would be, to acknowledge the hard fight Lois and countless other women/men and families have endured. Having always done a post in the past of bringing awareness to the importance of checking your breasts religiously and getting mammograms undertaken by women and men (because it never picks one sex over the other!) every October, until the year because it’s still quite raw to me…. It is truly worth something to me as a person, as a woman and knowing the money raised is going to change someone or people’s lives.

07. My last summer goal for 2020/21 is teaching Blake how to swim and begin the process of potty training. Although I have heard some horror stories about potty training little boys, us adults are already formalising an action plan of how to target this situation of parenting and have already got the main contenders under control. That being disinfectant wipes and unlimited supply of miniature sized undies for small children. I’m hoping it won’t be difficult.

As for Blake learning to swim in our pool, it’s been a process since his birth of introducing him to water and allowing him to play and embrace the movement as a toddler. Must admit, the child is living up to his reputation of being a true water baby and Pisces at heart. Blake’s love and curiosity for water has caused Mr. Darcy, Kaffy and Red to start counting down the days until summer is really here and plan out their battle of attack when it comes to teaching Blake how to submerge under the water while holding his breath. Something of which, we’ve already installed in Blake by popping his head under the shower head during bath-time for a few months now.

Lois and me on the other hand… we’re excited about this new phase of life and cannot wait to see Blake in his little swimming outfit (I’ve already washed it twice!). But at the same time, I’m trying to hold back the tears at the knowledge of Blake growing up, wanting to experience life beyond his understanding and embrace his curiosity for play and water. Just to think, this time next year, I will have two children and I have a feeling both of them will love the water if anything to go by.

By having written my summer goals for 2020/21 and shedding a tear or two in the process, I feel like these goals are both manageable and do-able. I definitely will not beat myself up if I don’t successfully accomplish one goal or any because its about the thought that counts at the end of the day and the knowledge of not everyone is perfect, time slips away from us rapidly and life is simply to be enjoyed and not written down into a series of to-do lists. Yes, Eliza I am looking at you!

As always, I am curious as to whether you have any goals waiting to be crossed off your list and if you do, drop me a line down below telling me of your goals and I look forward to reading them and replying.

Summer 2020/21…. here I come!

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