Pregnancy Update

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote a post about my pregnancy.

Today, I thought it was about time I updated you as to how everything has been going since entering my second trimester and how I’ve been feeling.

Since announcing our exciting news, Mr. Darcy and I received so many kind and truly thoughtful messages and comments from friends and those we consider to be of our immediate family. However, there were a few peculiar messages and conversations had. But overall, these were outweighed by our fondest memories of those who screamed in sheer delight and the stunned expression when announcing another mokopuna was on the way for Her and His Majesty of The Long White Cloud.

Those who knew of my severe morning sickness with both pregnancies, would ask if the sickness had eased and if I was able to stand on solid ground for more than a few seconds at a time. At the time, I was still pretty much horizontal in our bed and the few and very far occasions spent standing at the kitchen sink were very odd to say the least. I never truly realised how much energy it took to push the kettle’s lever, while Blake stood at the safety gate separating the wonders of the kitchen and his little realm of freedom. Before making a mug of hot chocolate and having to lie down once again on the couch or in bed. 

So here I am, curled up in my pregnancy pillow that accommodates everything from a bump to my somewhat extra-long legs. Wearing a shirt whilst sporting my typical messy bun because you know, mama life, as I enjoy the much cooler and bearable temperature as the atmosphere holds that special feeling like it’s going to start pouring any second now. While thinking about how different life is going to be in just a few more months. 

When the pregnancy test confirmed another little one was on the way, I knew immediately that I was going to treat this pregnancy completely different than what was experienced with my first pregnancy with Blake. Having always believed in the philosophy of each pregnancy being completely different from the last, I had a feeling my morning sickness would return with revenge and I would no doubt, be spending the first 3-4 months in bed with several hospital grade vomit bags surrounding me and bottles of water and Gatorade within reach. 

I also thought my favourable morning sickness cure of dry crackers and lemonade would be my ‘immediate‘ go-to necessities with this round. However, I was completely and utterly wrong! I never thought a mug of chocolate and a few ginger nut biscuits in the morning, would be the only things I could actively keep down in my stomach. Let alone, help with easing the evening nausea I experienced when I had nothing else to bring up. 

Needless to say, there were plenty of times where Blake and Kaffy would join me in bed as I either laid in a foetal position, moaning of how I wished I didn’t have morning sickness or how far away the light was at the end of the tunnel. Or for those very rare and few mornings, slowly sipping away on a hot chocolate while clutching a ginger nut biscuit in hand. Like it was the key ingredient to the equal balance of life and death.

Everyone, from Mr. Darcy to my fabulous work colleagues, became professionals at making endless mugs of hot chocolate the way I liked them and bringing it to me either in bed or at my work desk. What was truly wonderful was each time I returned from the bathroom at work, there would be a few shortbread cookies alongside a freshly made hot chocolate. I’m thankful it was nearing Christmas and these particular shortbread cookies were available in store because I truly appreciated these moments and still do. 

Eventually after having decided to hang around for a more weeks in my second trimester, my morning sickness has pretty much eased up entirely. Although I do have the odd moment of all day nausea, particularly when I’m fatigued from work and haven’t had a proper night’s sleep. However, I can promise to those women suffering from HG that it will get better! 

This also means that I can now actually sit down at our family dining table and eat a decent meal, without having to call it quits after the first few bites. Although now, I’m eating much smaller sized portions as I fear my stomach has shrunk from my morning sickness, I am thoroughly enjoying my favourites. Pasta and chicken or lamb curry with beautifully steamed basmati or jasmine rice are just some of the dinners I have been loving wholeheartedly.

It also appears that the baby has become a fan of food as well. What originally started off as an army boot to the uterus within my first trimester, it continues to remain the same when it comes to certain styles of cuisine and flavour destinations. However, I am experiencing a second trimester craving of cheeseburgers (something I don’t normally eat) and with that first bite, baby becomes something of an acrobatic gymnasts as it somersaults and does tuck rolls. Much to the excitement of Aunty Kaffy as the baby has finally allowed her (Kaffy) to feel a little foot or hand. 

Mr. Darcy and I attended our second scan and we finally got to put a face to the newest O’Chunky-Darcy member.

While I would like to claim there is a smidge of Mr. Darcy and after staring at this little squishy face for quite a while, the family have all agreed that baby possesses Mama’s nose, full juju lips and no doubt, stubbornness. However, the baby is definitely taking after Mr. Darcy’s height as they possess a set of very long legs that are measuring nearly 3 days ahead! So, I guess there is a smidge of my husband in this child after all….

Seriously, how is it possible that I am beyond amazed, fascinated, wonder and are wholeheartedly in love with someone that is inside of me and I haven’t even met them? I find myself thinking of what their personality is going to be like, will they look like a miniature Mr. Darcy complete with surfboard under one arm and a hockey stick in the other or will they be like me, stubborn to high heaven’s and honest to the point of almost being blunt. However they look or whatever their personality is, I hope they realise how truly loved and adored they are.

For now, I’m trying to take it easy. 

The days where I am not wearing my pregnancy scrubs, I’ve been indulging and spoiling myself at great lengths by floating around in the pool and teaching Blake how to perfect his backstroke, swanning around in my ever-growing garden and complimenting my roses for their lushness and lounging around on the couch, with a book in one hand and a freezing cold glass of water because my always present thirst in never quite quenched. 

I am thoroughly enjoying this pregnancy and although the lower back pain does stop me in my tracks sometimes; especially when I’ve been racing around at work and haven’t had much of a break to sit down and pop my swollen feet up. But it’s a reminder of how truly lucky I am to be pregnant.

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