There will always be a small part of me that thought I would never get to have another opportunity to experience all of the feelings I’m currently experiencing. But alas, I have been blessed.

I am writing to you from Cloud Nine and from the comfort of my own bed with plush pillows piled high behind me, blankets thrown in disarray as I put fingertips to keys and the lingering cups of hot chocolate sporadically placed on my headboard. 

For our newest edition to our ever-growing little family has arrived safe and sound.

Needless to say, we are all besotted with an abundance of love, delight and immense joy as we have spent the past 9 months waiting to see them in person. Secretly, it’s felt like a million years since I first found out I was expecting Baby O’Chunky-Darcy and have spent the past few months, counting down until it was time to bring in the military and send the eviction notice via cannon ball. 

Like any parent who already has a child or children, I was initially anxious as to how Blake would feel becoming a big brother. Also, not having all of my attention focusing on him at any one given time and my fear of not being able to spend equal time between Blake and the new babe. I prepared myself for a lot of emotions, thoughts being expressed and dare I say, jealousy; but I am reminding myself gently to navigate this newest chapter as each day comes and learn to embrace the emotions and pains being shared by everyone. 

As you can expect after birthing a baby, I am tired, a tad bit sore and yet, I’m absolutely beside myself with pure happiness and love. Like most Aussies’ favourite quote is: “I feel like I’ve won Gold Lotto!”

Dearest Reader, it is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Darcy and I’s daughter.

Much like her mother and Nelly, I suspect Baby O’Chunky has inherited my pure streak of sheer stubbornness as the eviction notice went unnoticed several times on her behalf. Thankfully, there are many positives that she has inherited from her Daddy and I suspect there will be a time in the near future where both Mr. Darcy, Blake and Baby O’Chunky are hanging ten off a surfboard. 

But for now, I’ll be keeping her firmly planted on dry land and with that, I shall be disappearing for a few weeks as I learn to adjust to motherhood once again and life as a mama of two.

I do promise to pop back with updates, news and pictures soon. Like last time with Blake, we shall be keeping her name under wraps until both Mr. Darcy and I feel comfortable revealing her name in the future and when she has been baptised.

But for now, I’m so happy to be fully absorbed in our little newborn cocoon that I’ll be too busy gazing into baby blue eyes, soaking in as much hugs and kisses I can get from Blake and being purred to death by Seven. 

Can I say once again, I feel like I’ve won Gold Lotto?

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