When it comes to planning, scheduling and leaving for a quick weekend getaway, there is always a few things that hinder the process. Fluctuating work schedules, FOMO as you endlessly scroll Instagram and see fashionista’s travelling around the world while you’re in mandatory lockdown and the fear of having an accumulating debt rising in the next month due to being an adult can often result in that quick weekend getaway being pushed to the background.

For example, I found myself in a similar situation several months ago. I dreamt of going on a baby moon with family and spending a few days unwinding by the pool, enjoying a mental break from the life of being a Registered Nurse and sipping virgin cocktails. Unfortunately that little fruition never came to be as my work life soon overwhelmed me with the frequent changes due to what’s happening in the world. Since going on maternity leave, I have learnt it is important to hit the refresh button every now and then and give myself a moment of much needed clarification.

Especially when it comes to the 3 fundamentals: relaxation, resting and recharging. As a busy mama of 2, I plan my staycations well in advance as my time is often limited to between feeds and diaper changes and if I’m extremely tired, I try not to leave the house if possible. Although it can be incredibly hard and sometimes challenging to shut my brain off as I’m often thinking about a million and one different things, I’ve had to teach myself these are purely distractions and they aren’t allowing me to completely unwind.

The best stay-at-home staycations I have thus far had include a binge-y weekend with Netflix while I was sick, driving to my parents and taking a decadent and luxurious bubble bath complete with a glass of bubbly (water). All the while, doing the 3 fundamentals: resting, relaxing and recharging. So, if you need some ideas before plotting your own staycation, here are five ways to make the very most of your next indoor vaycay. 

Creative Project Time. While it’s incredibly tempting to throw on some sweats and pile on a heap of blankets for some chillin’ on the couch with Netflix, I often find myself turning towards other options that don’t involve a screen or blue-light vibes. As a mama with a newborn and therefore, spending a majority of my day logging feeds, diaper changes and anything else, I find myself indulging in some of my favourite non-screen creativity. Whether it be designing the next month’s layout or updating my bullet journal, reading a few chapters in a thrilling novel or getting some much needed shut eye, I find it helps with switching my brain off for a few seconds before having to dash to either child.

There are times where I simply want to decompress and I secretly desire the effect of becoming self-absorbed in some tragic love affair on television. This is where my need for scheduling and pre-bulking television shows comes in handy. After stockpiling my ‘must watch’ television shows/series, I resort to catching up on my favourite shows while I am attending to motherly duties such as breastfeeding, which can take up to a few hours throughout the day. If it’s anything to go by, Mr. Darcy and I pick a television series and thus far, we completed CSI when Blake was a newborn and we’ve almost finished House M.D. with Baby O’Chunky. 

Speaking of Baby O’Chunky, it’s quite easy to forget about your own needs and desires as they become #573626 on the list of things to do. Often more times than not, you find yourself running around like a headless chicken with 27 projects on the go at the one time because you’ve forgotten what it is that you’d started in the first place. Hence why, it’s vital for anyone in general to attend to their own needs every once in a while. Mamas’, this can be done by treating yourself to a relaxing spa experience. Whether it be simple as a drawing a soothing and stressing relieving bath or booking in a time to do a DIY manicure, this is the time to treat and pamper yourself. Or, if you really want to indulge and continue relaxing, why not look at hiring a mobile masseuse who can come to your home and un-kneed those knots?

Once a week, Mr. Darcy and I treat ourselves to a night of ordering in. We use this opportunity to try out a new restaurant within the privacy of our own home or we order from the local little restaurants that are in need of being supported during these times. Plus there is something comforting and thrilling to casually slip into some sweats or pyjamas and unwinding with one another in front of the television or over a candle lit dinner. Whether you’re in a relationship with yourself or someone else, a staycation at home is the perfect excuse to take a break from being an adult (cooking and any other adulting task) and thoroughly enjoy yourself and someone else’s company all without having to lift a finger. 

Digital detox. Two words that can have a profound impact upon your life. If you truly wish to disconnect from any distractions, the online world of social media and take a step back to reflect, a digital detox is the answer for you! By putting down any electrical devices for a day or two and tuning into yourself and any underlying needs, you can truly take a break from all obligations and pressures. Use this time to treat yourself to that massage or cooking lesson you’ve been dying to try out, pampering yourself because this past year has been insane on our mental and physical health and wellbeing. Or, pick up the book that’ been collecting dust and either start it or finish the remaining chapters. 

This time can be really beneficial in not only making yourself feel and look like a very important human being after everything you’ve faced in the past year. But also, it means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home if you don’t wish too and not having to break the bank is a win win in my mind. 

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