Here in Australia, Spring has arrived and with that, bringing a breath of much needed fresh air and a new and very exciting prospect of what the season shall bring. As you can probably tell, I am a little bit more excited for what is entailed this season as I have a new member to introduce to the beauty that lies outside our home. Even if it means having to deal with hay fever. I have also learnt with Spring being around the corner and arriving, this is a great time to wholeheartedly embrace a reset in all senses. It is the perfect time to declutter the home, lifestyle and mind as I’m wishing to focus on accomplishing goals before the weather turns and summer is here. With this, here’s my 12 simple spring goals for 2021.

1. Plant flowers or buy new plants for my home

I always finish the last few weeks of winter by going to my local hardware store and looking at the plant section for hints of colour, flower and texture inspiration. As I walk the lines containing blossoming blooms, I start planning my garden landscape and when I get home, I plant them into my garden. This spring, I’ve got baby pansies, colourfully bold snapdragons, begonia’s and a budding rose collection. Having always had some form of green thumb from a relatively young age, I’ve learnt planting flowers, whether it be in your home yard or a bunch of different coloured pot plants like I’m currently doing, it can add a touch to any home. Even if it’s grabbing a bouquet of flowers to brighten a space up. 

2. Embrace different fashion elements

Compared to last spring and my ability to wear absolutely everything, I have a completely different body this time round. Not only am I breastfeeding my newest bebe, I’m the owner of a caesarean ‘pooch’ and a body that’s ready for spring to arrive. While I’m all for popping on a pair of linen shirts and a breastfeeding friendly shirt or a cute little dress, I’m wanting to experiment with fashion this season. Whether it be different textures, bold colours or styles I wouldn’t have dared to wear years ago. Guaranteed, our Australian Spring consists of various mood-swing like days where it’s deathly hot and raining the next, I want to step out of my comfort zone and start dressing for myself and my newest body. To really make an emphasis, this leads me to my next few points.

3. Cleaning out my wardrobe

First and foremost, I always start spring off with a little spring cleaning and that being, in my wardrobe. I often spend the first few weeks rotating my closet staples from it being strictly winter to my more spring/summer friendly staples and try to not become overwhelmed while doing so. During this time, I do a little Marie Kondo and I ask myself a few questions while sorting through my clothes:

  • Does it fit my needs/wants?
  • Will it fit my ever-changing body?
  • Can I wear it multiple ways?
  • Does it fit poorly?
  • Does it have an embellishment or detail you don’t like?
  • Is it a loner (i.e. is it hard to match with anything else in your closet)?
  • Is it faded or stained?
  • Is it so uncomfortable that you’re basically tearing it off once you get home?

If there are more negatives than positives, the clothing item gets donated for someone in need. This also goes for certain pieces I didn’t wear both last season and this season, than this too gets donated to charity. I often tend to keep pieces that have been an utmost favourite of mine, I’m close to wearing it to fashion death and therefore, it wouldn’t be great for anyone else or it holds a sentimental factor to me. I’ve also started picking out pieces that will have a longevity of life and can be worn for multiple seasons. 

4. Out with the negative. In with the positive.

Several months having spent inside the family home and the first thing I look forward to doing on the first day of spring is opening all of my windows, doors and allowing the fresh sea-breeze air to come in. Even though I do this daily during winter for a few hours until it gets too cold for my liking; there is something different about the spring weather and air. It’s as if the air is clearing away any lingering cobwebs within the mind and soul and with that, bringing a new sense of reality and opportunities.  

5. Redecorate your space

With spring, I find it inspires a new atmosphere and brings an air of renewal. Often more times than not, I find spring brings many opportunities to redecorate a space and I’ve been known to revamp a bedroom with a brand new duvet cover or pillows, lighting a few scented candles and putting up new photos. I’ve even been known to rearranging my furniture in the early hours of the morning because I can’t sleep. On a side note for those who are budget-conscious, I often find getting a paint sample from my local hardware store and repainting my photo frames is a relatively cheap and budget friendly option, rather than having to go and spend a million bucks on new frames. Plus, I enjoy the painting experience as I find it therapeutic and it allows me to put a twist on something you wouldn’t necessarily find in a shop.

In a way, I dare you to reuse and repurpose something in your home rather than going out and buying something new for this season only! If I’m no in the mood to redecorate a space or bedroom, I’ve been known to pop down to our local beach and collect a few shells for our growing family collection. This shells get added to a big cookie glass jar with all of the others we’ve collected over the years and each season, I add a different coloured bow to the jar’s rim for a pop of colour and a different texture. Speaking of shells, this leads me to the next point.

6. Go for a walk

One thing I love to do in the months of Spring is going for a walk every day or every second day, if possible. There is something about the Australian Spring weather that I find truly calming to all of my senses as I’m able to take in the fresh air, get some much needed Vitamin D because I often tend to hibernate away in Winter and try not to get swooped by magpies. It’s also a great excuse to let a rather enthusiastic toddler burn off some excess energy and can really compliment any day by setting the tone. It’s even more peaceful when you’re enjoying nature for the beauty that it is by following goal number 7.

7. Enjoy nature (technology free)

When I am outdoors, whether it be by myself with a cup of coffee in the morning and I’ve got my feet in the pool or I’m sitting on our steps or I’m watching Blake play in his mud kitchen as I tend to the plants, I love being technology free. Something which is a rarity these days with our need to be continuously logged into social media and while it’s good in moderation, I often tend to feel as if I’m living in a world of FOMO. My fear of missing out on reality and those pivotal moments of motherhood is something I’m not wishing to happen, particularly as I’m a full-time mama who works, and I like the idea of being technology free when I’m out and about with my children. Besides, there is something about having a conversation with my children about the colours in the sky, the birds flying above us in the wind and being in the moment that makes me feel immense happiness.

8. Shop my wardrobe.

Before I hit that online purchase button after having compulsively brought something I don’t really need, I’m going to shop my wardrobe first. Having started teaching my mind into thinking positive about my body shape and embracing the positive things about my one and only body, I’ve started wanting to dress more in clothes that’ll highlight the positive things rather than dressing in big, frumpy clothes. While it’s acceptable to dress like this in winter, spring and summer call for a new outlook on life and my body. 

I want to start highlighting all of the positives of my body and some of them include: the length of my neck, the slope of my shoulders, the teeny waist I have while enhancing my hourglass from and elongating my already long legs and small ankles. Not to wanting to sound like I’m bragging…. no, scratch that. I am bragging because I’ve come to realise I’ve got the type of legs that look great in a pair heels, a bottom that looks fabulous in a flirty little cocktail dress and I’ve got the attitude that oozes confidence. This confidence and attitude can be enhanced in the clothes located in my closet.

9. Have a park picnic

I haven’t done this for a while but another great piece of enjoyment of mine is packing up a nourishments, a little spritz of something divine to drink and have a meal outside, on a blanket or quilt spread out. The thought of enjoying this moment with my children and husband as we munch away on our packed goodies before Blake, our toddler, runs off with his ball is something I have always dreamt of when picturing a perfect spring day and a picnic in the park.

10. Try seasonal fruits and veggies via a Farmer’s Market

A few years ago, my cousin introduced me to a local Farmer’s Market in West End, Brisbane and since then, it has always stuck in my mind how deliciously refreshing it is to eat an organic banana. To me, nothing more screams ‘spring is in the air’ than having a few punnets of gorgeous, fresh strawberries that can be paired with a firm dunking in dollap cream. Even thinking about this whilst typing has my salivary glands working in overdrive. Whether its a fresh punnet of strawberries, a few smorgasbord of organic bananas or some dainty servings of pears alongside some mouth-watering cheese, I cannot wait to sample these goodies and more. I guess this is also the perfect excuse to have a picnic too.

11. Start a new activity

I recently purchased a little embroidery kit because I wanted to challenge myself in having a creative outlet and have something at the end of it for my daughter. Having been inspired by the beautiful piece that The Fairy Godmother did for Blake when he was born, I wanted to start off small and depending on how things went, I’d go back for another round. Hopefully when I’ve completed it, I’ll be able to hang it up in Baby O’Chunky’s room and stare at it with pride whenever I’m in her room.

11. Switching up my makeup & skin care routine

Out with the old and in with the new is this seasons’s motto. To me, this means it’s time to switch up both my makeup and skincare routines because with the weather warming up, my skin is going to require a little less heavy moisturising cream and a lot more protection. Spring is often the season where I tend to switch out my heavy based, full coverage foundation for something that is mineral based and is lighter. I also tend to favour light and natural makeup and this also gets extended to my skin care routine for both the morning and evening. Furthermore, I shall be writing a couple of posts in the future about my makeup and skin care routine so if you’re curious as to what I use than let me know.

Overall, Spring is the best time to get out of the house because your unlikely to be fried like an egg or frozen with the blistering cold-snaps. Even with the hayfever induced snuffles, it’s overall perfect. What are some of your seasonal goals for this year, let me know down below as I am always curious.

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