Welcome to Scarlett O’Chunky.

My name is Eliza O’Chunky-Darcy and I am the Editor in Chief for this little fabulous and highly riveting space of internet.

The story behind Scarlett O’Chunky and how she came to originate stems from a joke brought up by my Uncle on winter morning and from there, it’s steam rolled many stories and an alter ego. You could say, Scarlett O’Chunky is the lifetime adventure for a woman living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Scarlett O’Chunky is a lifestyle blog based upon foundations of speaking the truth and being honourable, something of which is highly important to me. This has inspired telling stories based on adventures, the life of being a Registered Nurse and studying to be a Registered Midwife as well as motherhood and lifestyle. Not to mention, the included bonus of the Lois Liberation League gang.

While writing these stories, I was notoriously known to write in my pyjamas with a martini or cup of coffee next to me while balancing the delicate art of wearing red lipstick and eating chocolate vodka cake. As for now, it’s trying to balance the delicate art of motherhood and sipping a warm coffee.

So, if you are interested in getting off the couch and gallivanting around the country side with me, www.scarlettochunky.com is the place to be.