About Eliza Darcy


Eliza Darcy is a Sunshine Coast based lifestyle and motherhood blog. 

Aged 23, Eliza discovered the online world of writing and founded her original blog (A Stairway To Nurses Heaven) when accepting her offer to university and commenced her studies. Her goal at 23 was to blog and document her experiences of studying a Bachelor Degree in Nursing Science, discovering the hidden secrets of clinical placement and keeping her Dearest Readers up to date with life.

After a few years of blogging, Eliza’s interests changed and so did the name of her blog. Scarlett O’Chunky was born from the ashes of A Stairway To Nurses Heaven. Taking inspiration from travels, work and personal life, Eliza continued writing about her experiences as a Student Registered Nurse and her fabulous lifestyle as a twenty-something year old.

Once graduating from university and taking her pledge as a Registered Nurse, Eliza continued writing about her experiences as a Graduate Registered Nurse and furthermore, as a Registered Nurse working in Aged Care. Eliza continues writing about her interests while focusing on lifestyle and motherhood, the two areas that have been a particular interest of Eliza’s.

At 27, Eliza settled on the Sunshine Coast and after years of writing of the ever reclusive and hidden man her of dreams, Eliza finally found Mr. Darcy. While it was one of her many greatest highlights, Eliza’s life changed when becoming a first time mama to Blake, a fur-mama to Seven and marrying the true love of her life, Mr. Darcy.

2019 saw a career change for Eliza, when she started her Bachelor Degree in Laws and was a pivotal moment in how she views the world. Eliza Darcy is not only a person of worth and value and her main focus when it comes to Eliza Darcy, the blog, is a place to gather your thoughts while educating yourself on different topics. All without having to leave the comfort of your home or couch.