Architecture On Bustling Flinders Street.

My love for adventure, the uncertainty of the unknown as well as the dangerous passion for what lies beyond what the eye began at a very tender, young age.

Sunday Session #10 | When I Woke Up This Morning

No apologies or a series of 'unfortunates' were uttered by either of us as we questioned if the car was okay before each of us burst out with, "F*ck, this keeps getting better and better."

Pancakes On The Rocks

One of the many things I love about travelling and the thought of travelling is being able to try on different personalities. Something I'm sure sounds completely and utterly stupid or slightly insane, but I consider the opportunities for travel to be exactly that. Opportunities that aren't taken for granted nor wasted. When it comes…

Sunday Session #8 | Lesbian Brunch At Granny’s.

One morning, I woke on the right side of bed and when rolling over to have a peek at the dreaded time on my phone, I noticed that the little green light on my phone was blinking. After deciding as to whether or not I really wanted to face reality and what lay beyond my…

Z Is For Zumbo

When you think you can't afford to add another slither of deliciousness into your mouth, you find yourself walking after an interesting few moments and you stumble across Zumbo.

Meet Me On The Corner of Alfred & Constance

I've been on a bit of a scavengers hunt for the past couple of months as I try to cram pack Brisbane's destination, places and mouth watering restaurants before leaving. In this case after my Brisbane returned to normal after the exciting production of Thor 3 landing, I had the opportunity to throw in the…

Sunday Session #6 | The Adventures of Mt. Coot-tha’s Botanical Garden

Tucked away in the city of Brisbane and the ever-expanding state of Queensland, two single gals find themselves gathering for a dinner or brunch date..