My Self-Care Digital Detox Challenge

Social media breaks and digital detoxes often do the soul a great thing and makes you want to embrace and live in the moment.

10 Important Tips to Consider When Planning a Wedding

Most brides would state being engaged and planning the ultimate wedding can be a time of many emotions. Being someone who has been there and experienced everything short of a mental breakdown, I thought I’d sum up the 10 important things I learnt wedding planning...

The Next Chapter | Take 2!

I decided to take a step back from blogging and the online world of Eliza Darcy....

Highlights From The Months of June & July | 2019 ed.

My ultimate dream goal for this morning was to hit the snooze button my phone and with that, steal 10 more minutes of sleep from my morning routine. Alas, my plan of sleeping did not come about as those few minutes to myself where spent staring at the date on my phone. Whether we intended…

“FREEDOM” of Speech and Opinions Within Modern Day Society: A Stance On A Blogger’s Rights.

Freedom of opinion is the right to hold opinions, whether it be in written or verbal communication, without the fear of interference.

For Nell & Athenia | The Women Who Carved A Legacy In The Making.

The day I heard, I had to fly back to my homeland to say Goodbye, I cried with such pain, loss, sorrow and anguish. I knew that call would come sooner than later, I had thought I would be prepared for it to happen.  The truth would be, I was consumed by true loss of…

Housekeeping & New Scarlett O’Chunky Blog Update | 2019

After having a self-imposed sabbatical for nearly six months and therefore, the time was spent wisely as I underwent a whole new life transition, mind-frame networking as well as refocusing on what content and messages I wished to deliver through my blog posts.

Who is Scarlett O’Chunky? | The Untold Truth.

She realised after years of writing under a persona and hiding behind the truth, that she had become tired of living a lie and being asked the inevitable question that seemed to grace everyone’s lips when coming across her social media pages.