Entertaining Mr and Mrs Weirdo.

These moments of self-discovery and reprieve from the unknown, my next door neighbours weren’t so fortunate.

Welcome To The New & Improved Scarlett O’Chunky.

While the jury is still out as to whether I have gone AWOL, I’d give you an honest and real answer as to why I decided to take a self-imposed break.

Are We Addicted To Social Media?

With easy access to social media and modern day technology, have we lost contact with reality and become addicted to social media?

Easy Like A Sunday Morning, In Bed

The story of how I discovered my love for spending a few hours in bed on a Sunday morning began in my late teens. Since both my siblings and myself lived in the middle of nowhere and my high school was located over 100 kilometres away; my average day would begin at 4.45 am and…

2017 Birthday Wish List

After reading a few previous blog posts of mine, I see that I am constantly reverting back to the childhood experiences I've come to adore and love. All the while writing about how I was fortunate enough to be a carefree child.  Keeping this in mind, I shan't bore you with the repetitive sentence of…

January 2017 Monthly Favourites

The welcoming of the New Year and 2017 was met with equal amounts of joy, some sadness and a shed load of adventures undertaken...

5 Years & 5 Lessons I’ve Experienced While Blogging

Having made the decision that I would write a blog, there have been 5 lessons I've experienced while blogging.