A Warm Welcome to Maternity March.

Whilst scouring the internet for that secret parental manual, I started heavily thinking upon the almost daily conversations I had been having with my pregnant cousin and wrote a series of blog posts dedicated to first-time expecting parents.

How To Plan A Budget Friendly Baby Shower

It is official. You are not only about to welcome a little human into your family and world, but you have found yourself stumbling across this post. With various thoughts, horror stories told from your next door neighbour, friends and family members about how her baby shower ended up in literal flames and the fire…

Newborn Checklist for First Time Expectant Mothers.

As a means of helping you become less stressed about what to buy regarding very tiny and adorable onesies and any other important things you might need, I have written a newborn checklist for any first time expectant parent. 

End Of The Year Review: A Rather Captivating 2018.

I had originally thought 2018 and its hidden adventures and stories would fall into the same category of it ‘just being another year’ to tick off the to-do list and bucket list. Step into this blog post, to see how Captivating 2018 was.