Five Highlights From The Month of April

April was a rather splendid month to be alive. Here's what has made me laugh and put a smile on my face...

End Of The Year Review: A Rather Captivating 2018.

I had originally thought 2018 and its hidden adventures and stories would fall into the same category of it ‘just being another year’ to tick off the to-do list and bucket list. Step into this blog post, to see how Captivating 2018 was.

Scarlett Joins The Gentleman’s Club.

Although adulthood appeared like an entertaining prospect within the far distance of my horizon, I often thought of adulthood as party central..

April & May Monthly Favourites

Like the saying goes: You can take the girl out of medicine but you can’t take the love for medicine out of the girl.

Scarlett Dates The…….

While Bruno serenaded my ears about being 'Chunky' as a smirk crossed my lips at the song title, I scrolled through the previously logged and blogged post on dating adventures, experiences and the disasters that often are a result when it comes to dating. Remembering the exact moment of where and when these posts had…