Blooming 30

You can find part 1, A Sorrento From My Birthday here. I was heavily consumed within my thoughts whilst staring at my family with much adoration and disbelief that I couldn’t quite fathom how my life had changed completely and utterly within a short span of a year. My 29th had been spent curled up…


I believe today is a clear depiction of why Australians are dubbed as being 'Little Aussie Battlers'.

My Favourite Places To Visit | Brisbane Edition.

Having lived in Brisbane for a majority of my life and opting to study the remaining years of my Bachelor Degree of Nursing within the skyscrapers of the concrete jungle, I discovered Brisbane had an array of interesting places to visit. This is the list containing some of my favourite places to visit, Brisbane edition.

Escape The Internet For A Weekend!

Have you considered putting your phone on airplane mode and escaping the internet for a weekend? If yes, here are some ideas for your next adventure.

Sunday Session #11 | The End of A Mini Series

The past 18 months, Lady Blacksnot I and I have been willing and not-so-willing participants within a combined world that has been slowly and steadily shaping its self into something magical and greater.

Sunday Session #8 | Lesbian Brunch At Granny’s.

One morning, I woke on the right side of bed and when rolling over to have a peek at the dreaded time on my phone, I noticed that the little green light on my phone was blinking. After deciding as to whether or not I really wanted to face reality and what lay beyond my…

Meet Me On The Corner of Alfred & Constance

I've been on a bit of a scavengers hunt for the past couple of months as I try to cram pack Brisbane's destination, places and mouth watering restaurants before leaving. In this case after my Brisbane returned to normal after the exciting production of Thor 3 landing, I had the opportunity to throw in the…

Sunday Session #6 | The Adventures of Mt. Coot-tha’s Botanical Garden

Tucked away in the city of Brisbane and the ever-expanding state of Queensland, two single gals find themselves gathering for a dinner or brunch date..

Sunday Session #5 | Discovering The Art of Bonsai…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of the not so secretive community behind the art of Bonsai.