I believe today is a clear depiction of why Australians are dubbed as being 'Little Aussie Battlers'.

The Art of Capturing Moments.

Photography or in this case, the art of taking photos and emotions, is often viewed as a moment where something of relevance in captured for an eternity.

Goodbye 2017 & Scarlett O’Chunky

While 2017 would teach me the fundamentals of what it takes to be a human being and a Registered Nurse, it would also bring elements of closeness to my family as we underwent some serious changes to the O'Chunky Dynamic.

Architecture On Bustling Flinders Street.

My love for adventure, the uncertainty of the unknown as well as the dangerous passion for what lies beyond what the eye began at a very tender, young age.

Sunday Session #10 | When I Woke Up This Morning

No apologies or a series of 'unfortunates' were uttered by either of us as we questioned if the car was okay before each of us burst out with, "F*ck, this keeps getting better and better."