Are We Addicted To Social Media?

With easy access to social media and modern day technology, have we lost contact with reality and become addicted to social media?

2016: The Year For Lesbian Dates, A Lifetime of Adventures, Graduations & Wild Sex

My final thoughts on 2016 otherwise known as: The Year For Lesbian Dates, A Lifetime of Adventures, Graduations & Wild Sex.

From High School Music Geeks To Wing Women: The Adventures of Lady Blacksnot III & Mrs Blackbutt

From high school music geeks to wing women, this is the story of the adventures of Lady Blacksnot III and Mrs Blackbutt.

Still Moments

For every moment that has been captured to look back on years to come, I have always had a camera on hand.

#360Hours: How 5 Medical Shows May Save Your Life

After 20 years of watching medical shows, I believe some things have rubbed off onto my little medical shoulders and in return, may save your life.

Sunday Session #5 | Discovering The Art of Bonsai…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of the not so secretive community behind the art of Bonsai.

Sunday Session #4 | GOMA, Brisbane City

Does the thought of escaping piled up laundry and g-string ensemble for a day of Indiana Jones and a naughty selfie with a dinosaur have you on the edge of your seat?

Hold Me Now…

Good Morning, I am sitting here at my little desk, looking out the window to my garden which I must admit looks amazing with all the flowers in bloom.  However, the weather  which needs medication for irrational behaviour, has been experiencing a bi-polar moment of heavy rain and then sparkling sunshine what seems like every…

#360Hours: How Video Killed The Radio Star

It could have been the country vibe of Billy's voice as he crooned, the plaid shoulders that made my 2 year old heart stutter or the hideous 80's mullet.