30 Day Paleo & Clean Eating Health Challenge

The thought of socially interacting with others makes me want to throw a tantrum or growl like a dog.

Lois Begins University

Hello from Lois,   It is so good to be back in the writer's chair for a brief moment  as it is a lovely opportunity to be able to close up my various publications, journal articles and class notes from my last two tutorials. Let alone not have to think about the assignment due next week that…

Easy Like A Sunday Morning, In Bed

The story of how I discovered my love for spending a few hours in bed on a Sunday morning began in my late teens. Since both my siblings and myself lived in the middle of nowhere and my high school was located over 100 kilometres away; my average day would begin at 4.45 am and…

Step Inside The Little White Psychiatric House

The house was transformed into what Miss. Scarlett likes to refer as ‘the psych ward’.

Power Suits, Hugs and Fairy Godmother Wands

She took my breath away at first glance and my first thought was.. I want some of that!

Eat, Pray, Love: My New Year Resolutions For 2017

Corinthians 13:13: Three remain: faith, hope and love. But the great.est of these is Love