When To Know It’s Okay To Give Up On A Dream: 5 Signs You Need To Know.

We both know you're at a standstill at the forked pathway in your life and have spent the past few months and years working incredibly hard to be where you are.

New University Semester & Making Life Decisions

As a result of being shown and educated by my parents, family friends and my Godparents about how important it is to continue striving forth and ‘bettering’ myself...

What To Do If You’re Feeling Lonely AF As A College Student

The next four years, we will juggle multiple lectures and assignments from the burning depths of hell, social outings that’ll result in a deep involvement with Netflix while learning how to smile through the pain.

4 Tips On How To Stop Feeling Lonely At College

Instead of socialising, joining groups and developing lifelong friendships, I found myself struggling to form friendships with peers in class. As a result, often found myself eating alone. Here's 4 Tips On How To Stop Feeling Lonely At College.

Goodbye 2017 & Scarlett O’Chunky

While 2017 would teach me the fundamentals of what it takes to be a human being and a Registered Nurse, it would also bring elements of closeness to my family as we underwent some serious changes to the O'Chunky Dynamic.

Lois Begins University

Hello from Lois,   It is so good to be back in the writer's chair for a brief moment  as it is a lovely opportunity to be able to close up my various publications, journal articles and class notes from my last two tutorials. Let alone not have to think about the assignment due next week that…

#360Hours: The Final 80 Hours of Being A Student Registered Nurse

Where do I begin? Must admit Dearest Reader, this question has been a favourite of mine since the get go and no doubt for the remaining years of my writing capabilities, I shall be asking myself that on a regular basis. Just like that, I once again find myself repeating the same question as to…

Sunday Session #9 | My Last 180 Hours As A Student Nurse

When I was sixteen and a regular visitor to my Grandmother's kitchen, I often spoke of what the future had in store for me and what I wanted to accomplish once I was considered a legal adult at the age of 18. Like many young adults, I knew I wanted to achieve high status by…

#360Hours: The Last Moments of Reality.

The need for trying to grasp an understand of what had occurred within the last 24 hours, stemmed back to the moment I opened my eyes and looked out the window.