Five Highlights From The Month of April

April was a rather splendid month to be alive. Here's what has made me laugh and put a smile on my face...

Housekeeping & New Scarlett O’Chunky Blog Update | 2019

After having a self-imposed sabbatical for nearly six months and therefore, the time was spent wisely as I underwent a whole new life transition, mind-frame networking as well as refocusing on what content and messages I wished to deliver through my blog posts.

SWAT Teams & Tom F*cking Vodka: Lady Blacksnot III dates.

The Adventure of Lady Blacksnot III's dating experiences continues. Click to find out how SWAT Teams are involved and who Tom F*cking Vodka is.

Lady Blacksnot III: The Good, The Bad & The F*cking Ugly.

The Good, The Bad & The Downright F*cking Ugly is no spaghetti western. Rather it's a 21st century single girl’s point of view about online dating and the adventures within the coded vortex. Step into the world of modern day dating, shots of coffee and New York minutes.