What It Takes To Be An Aged Care Registered Nurse | The Untold Trials & Tribulations of Reality (Prt. 2).

Upon reflection, I realise I have not only grown up in the sense of becoming a fully-fledged twenty-something year old woman with a permanent part time job and bills that seem to be draining the bank account more often than money actually goes in....

What It Takes To Be An Aged Care Registered Nurse | The Untold Trials & Tribulations of Reality (Prt. 1).

I would discover the foundation to nursing was really about and what it took being listed as a Registered Nurse. Not including how one can survive the evening shift, particularly when it is a full moon, you are the only RN to 2 EENs' and you’ve got 99 residents’ not only losing their shit. Both in metaphorical and physical terms

The Final Moments Of A Graduate Registered Nurse | The Real Reason WHY I Became A Nurse.

It would these feelings of fear, accomplishment and distrust that would bring it to my attention, my underlying need and desire to have answers for the boiling questions regarding medicine and healing the human body that I started seeking answers.

#360Hours: The Final 80 Hours of Being A Student Registered Nurse

Where do I begin? Must admit Dearest Reader, this question has been a favourite of mine since the get go and no doubt for the remaining years of my writing capabilities, I shall be asking myself that on a regular basis. Just like that, I once again find myself repeating the same question as to…

A Lazy Sunday Morning

One of the questions that seems to have stuck to my memory board in the back of my head was what I considered to be my biggest luxury in life. After pondering for a few minutes, I went over the list that wasn't filled with sexual exploits, words that sounded like I was seeking permission…

Sunday Session #9 | My Last 180 Hours As A Student Nurse

When I was sixteen and a regular visitor to my Grandmother's kitchen, I often spoke of what the future had in store for me and what I wanted to accomplish once I was considered a legal adult at the age of 18. Like many young adults, I knew I wanted to achieve high status by…

#360Hours: The Last Moments of Reality.

The need for trying to grasp an understand of what had occurred within the last 24 hours, stemmed back to the moment I opened my eyes and looked out the window.

#360Hours: Started From The Bottom & Dealing With Rejection

On Thursday, I received news via email regarding the graduate position I had interviewed for ..