#360Hours: Started From The Bottom & Dealing With Rejection

On Thursday, I received news via email regarding the graduate position I had interviewed for ..

Leaps, Bounds, Regrets & Time Travel

As a form of therapy since I am coming to the end of a pathway that I've been steadily walking on and sometimes, stubbornly jumping off the beaten track when things appear like they're too hard; I am going to be answering these questions...

Today Is A Brand New Day…

Today is a brand new day were the first five words that I ever wrote and published as an online blogger...

#360Hours: What You Need To Bring For Your Next Clinical Placement

It was in that moment of scrambling to my bag, I discovered there wasn't a floating tampon at the bottom of my bag. Everything you need to bring for your next clinical placement minus the bio-hazard suit and radioactive gloves.

#360Hours: Cardiothoracic Gods, Flirting Doctors, Chicken Scrawl & Pierre’s Gold G-String.

If you had the choice of spending an all expenses paid weekend on a deserted island with a cabana boy named Pierre, who may or may not come with a gold g-string or fighting the urge to eat your entire house out of food, which one would you choose?

#360Hours: How Video Killed The Radio Star

It could have been the country vibe of Billy's voice as he crooned, the plaid shoulders that made my 2 year old heart stutter or the hideous 80's mullet.

#360Hours: Thoughts On What Life As A Nursing Student Is Really Like.

If someone were to ask me if I could describe the past fortnight in ten or less words, I can honestly say I don't think I would be able to describe it in a few short words at all.