With Much Love & Hugs For The Very Final Time | An Ode To Scarlett O’Chunky.

Unlike the mottos, we have established as a family and as one collective unit, I have been raised to believe whole heartedly that retribution shall come to the bullies and other morally loose individuals when they least expect it.

Scarlett Joins The Gentleman’s Club.

Although adulthood appeared like an entertaining prospect within the far distance of my horizon, I often thought of adulthood as party central..

Scarlett Dates The…….

While Bruno serenaded my ears about being 'Chunky' as a smirk crossed my lips at the song title, I scrolled through the previously logged and blogged post on dating adventures, experiences and the disasters that often are a result when it comes to dating. Remembering the exact moment of where and when these posts had…

As A Woman, Am I too Picky When It Comes To Dating?

It has become even more apparent over the past few years as friends have began to settle down into their relationships and marriages before the announcement of a baby is entering this world, I often feel like there is a subtle pressure to find the 'right person'.

A Lazy Sunday Morning

One of the questions that seems to have stuck to my memory board in the back of my head was what I considered to be my biggest luxury in life. After pondering for a few minutes, I went over the list that wasn't filled with sexual exploits, words that sounded like I was seeking permission…

Scarlett’s Date With The World’s Most Gay Straight Racist Cop (Prt. 2)

As my driver battled against detours that lead us around the rabbits wren nest while workmen walked the streets like it was YMCA week or they were having a photo shoot of the most built builder...

Scarlett’s Date With The World’s Most Gay Straight Racist Cop.

Unlike other posts that are result of something happening in my life, watching something unimaginable at 8 o'clock in the morning or a random thought enters my mind, I wish I could say this post was a result of either one of those topics listed.  Something that could be listed as being sweet, docile and…