Goodbye 2017 & Scarlett O’Chunky

While 2017 would teach me the fundamentals of what it takes to be a human being and a Registered Nurse, it would also bring elements of closeness to my family as we underwent some serious changes to the O'Chunky Dynamic.

Escape The Internet For A Weekend!

Have you considered putting your phone on airplane mode and escaping the internet for a weekend? If yes, here are some ideas for your next adventure.

Power Suits, Hugs and Fairy Godmother Wands

She took my breath away at first glance and my first thought was.. I want some of that!

Pancakes On The Rocks

One of the many things I love about travelling and the thought of travelling is being able to try on different personalities. Something I'm sure sounds completely and utterly stupid or slightly insane, but I consider the opportunities for travel to be exactly that. Opportunities that aren't taken for granted nor wasted. When it comes…

Z Is For Zumbo

When you think you can't afford to add another slither of deliciousness into your mouth, you find yourself walking after an interesting few moments and you stumble across Zumbo.

5 Influential Bloggers I’m Loving

This post originated when I found myself one Sunday morning in bed, reading one blog after another.